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Check Out The Bull Mobile!


The one thing I don’t like about traffic jam, is the wait. Drive, shift gear, brake, stop, shift gear, drive and it starts all over again. Then I saw a Mini Cooper with a huge ass Red Bull can on top of it. Since we are all stuck in that jam, I immediately rolled down my window to take a photo of it. Continue reading “Check Out The Bull Mobile!”


You Got A Name, Brand?

What if brands are without names?

How do we create logos? How do we sell them? How do we identify which is which? How do we remember specifically what we like, or enjoyed drinking, eating, using and what not? Nice carbonated drink with caramelized flavor? Brand X? Brand Y?


The world needs brands and branding. Don’t you think so?

Who Said Concept Don’t Sell?

I love travelling. If I can do it, if I can afford it, I would. If I can bring my cat with me, I would. But for now, my travelibility is a little limited. One step at a time, one destination at a time, I always tell myself that. Meantime, I tried looking for anything relevant to travelling. In a way, my wish came true.

The agency I worked in previously, is dealing with Tourism Malaysia, to my delight. However, being a government body, there are again, limitations, stringent rules, etc. Oh who cares, lets have fun!


Yeap, one big, bold word for attention, the visuals for attraction, the rest of the content for support.


These series of attractive and conceptual ads, though we love it, the client we afraid that its too conceptualized, not enough information. I saw my boss nodding his head.

Too conceptual? You want to fill the whole page with words?! I professionally rolled my eyes.





Smart Moves Don’t Always Come Around

In 2007, I made my debut in my advertising career.

Our client, one of Malaysia’s top local banks, Public Bank. The brief, Oriental Investment in China.

We (the studio head, art director and myself) stayed up late, brain grew tired and idealess. After a few hours of fruitless brainstorming, the two of them decided to play Chinese chess while I read some articles online.

Then, I heard it.

“Ah! I missed a good move!”

In the midst of intensity, my art director shouted the magic phrase. I caught the gist of it, recreated and shared it with them. In the next hour, this newspaper ad was produced. With no major changes from the clients, except for a few additional terms and conditions, I am proud to see it in the newspaper.

This is my first masterpiece headline, it wasn’t my last.

Public Bank Orientexpress Investment 2008

Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Campaign 2014

Ah… Cosmetics. Any color can appear in more than 10 shades. Magic brush – a thousand and one ways to bring out the contour of your cheeks. All that and more, I am sure. Fairly new in the field of health and beauty, I am nevertheless intrigued by what these cosmetic products can do to a face – the transformations, enhancements and cover-ups.

Anyway, early this year, my friend, a freelance art director asked me to assist him in writing for Kanebo Lunasol, a Japanese Cosmetic Company. In conjunction of their 15th Anniversary, they offer rewards and deals for their loyal customers aka their VIP card members.

Took us about 2 weeks to finalized the artworks – rush a little, wait a little but it was good. Here are two of the final artworks.


Final Artwork: EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing)



Final Artwork: Handout Postcard (Front & Back: Two locations)


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