Ah… Cosmetics. Any color can appear in more than 10 shades. Magic brush – a thousand and one ways to bring out the contour of your cheeks. All that and more, I am sure. Fairly new in the field of health and beauty, I am nevertheless intrigued by what these cosmetic products can do to a face – the transformations, enhancements and cover-ups.

Anyway, early this year, my friend, a freelance art director asked me to assist him in writing for Kanebo Lunasol, a Japanese Cosmetic Company. In conjunction of their 15th Anniversary, they offer rewards and deals for their loyal customers aka their VIP card members.

Took us about 2 weeks to finalized the artworks – rush a little, wait a little but it was good. Here are two of the final artworks.


Final Artwork: EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing)



Final Artwork: Handout Postcard (Front & Back: Two locations)