Smart Moves Don’t Always Come Around

In 2007, I made my debut in my advertising career.

Our client, one of Malaysia’s top local banks, Public Bank. The brief, Oriental Investment in China.

We (the studio head, art director and myself) stayed up late, brain grew tired and idealess. After a few hours of fruitless brainstorming, the two of them decided to play Chinese chess while I read some articles online.

Then, I heard it.

“Ah! I missed a good move!”

In the midst of intensity, my art director shouted the magic phrase. I caught the gist of it, recreated and shared it with them. In the next hour, this newspaper ad was produced. With no major changes from the clients, except for a few additional terms and conditions, I am proud to see it in the newspaper.

This is my first masterpiece headline, it wasn’t my last.

Public Bank Orientexpress Investment 2008


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