I love travelling. If I can do it, if I can afford it, I would. If I can bring my cat with me, I would. But for now, my travelibility is a little limited. One step at a time, one destination at a time, I always tell myself that. Meantime, I tried looking for anything relevant to travelling. In a way, my wish came true.

The agency I worked in previously, is dealing with Tourism Malaysia, to my delight. However, being a government body, there are again, limitations, stringent rules, etc. Oh who cares, lets have fun!


Yeap, one big, bold word for attention, the visuals for attraction, the rest of the content for support.


These series of attractive and conceptual ads, though we love it, the client we afraid that its too conceptualized, not enough information. I saw my boss nodding his head.

Too conceptual? You want to fill the whole page with words?! I professionally rolled my eyes.