Check Out The Bull Mobile!


The one thing I don’t like about traffic jam, is the wait. Drive, shift gear, brake, stop, shift gear, drive and it starts all over again. Then I saw a Mini Cooper with a huge ass Red Bull can on top of it. Since we are all stuck in that jam, I immediately rolled down my window to take a photo of it. I guessed there is another person more enthusiastic about it. The female promoter actually got down of the car and passed me a can of Red Bull. She even have enough time to tell me a few features about this new drink. I was astonished but somewhat impressed by such memorable mobile advertising.

After passing the drink to me, I saw what the female promoter did, with the guy in the car in front of me.


Now, this is what I call ‘passion’. That promoter seemed to have enjoyed every moment, oblivious of the traffic situation.


Not bad for an advertising gimmick, don’t you think so?


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