The Write Person

TWJ is short for The Write Junction. Why that name? I reached a junction of a road one day, looking for a wedding venue, and I asked myself, “Is this the RIGHT junction?”
It kind of stuck in my head for some time. Something about The Write Junction. It sounded RIGHT, and instead of ‘right’, I used the term I am best at, ‘WRITE’. In a way, if you are looking for a good quality write up, or headline for your ad, translations perhaps, you are at the right place. So there you go, the name of my humble little business.
Let’s get down to business.
TWJ provides copywriting services including write ups in English or BM, translations (Eng to BM and vice versa), proofreading and other editing services. No hassle, no agency charges, just quality writing services for the right fee. The good thing about choosing TWJ is: – Speedy but with quality (even if it is a rush job) – Reasonable fee (negotiable to fit your budget) – Direct brief to the writer (so I know what you want exactly) – Handled by experienced writer (more than 10 years of experience) – Wide range of writing styles (to suit your requirements)
And I am a fun person, so the meetings will be quite engaging. 🙂 So give me a call or drop me a message or send me an email.
P/S – I also have other additional skills, like VO directing, facebook marketing, research and etc!
PP/S – I have a pool of professional art directors, designers, Chinese copywriters, Social Media Specialists who can assist you if you want more than just English/BM copywriting.

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